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Global BestSoft Technology Solutions Inc.

An experienced and qualified development company composed of a team of people that has a spirit for creative thinking.


Two partners set up Global BestSoft Technology Solutions Inc., Kieth Teck Seng and Danny Lee. It all started with a small team with a great idea and became one of the software development leaders in the area of nationwide. Global BestSoft Technology Solutions Inc. has successfully completed hundreds of projects from small to medium-sized enterprises for customers as of today. Our objective is to continue our rapid growth and deliver the best results for our customers by using our team’s skills and professionalism as well as the latest technologies and solutions available today.


For each member of the Global BestSoft Technology Solutions Inc. family, interviews evaluating personality are given first. We want to make sure you deal with “real,” expressive, and professional people regardless of which team members you work with. This is a key ingredient that is mixed with our strict guidelines for assessing skills. Coupling these together creates long-lasting and successful customer relationships.

Senior Level Developer

We hire senior staff and believe in leveraging at-home talent and providing our team with a good and fair wage. We are not outsourcing cheap laborers that usually result in a product of low quality. While that means higher costs for us, we believe in quality.

Industry Knowledge

We have gone through changes, improvements, and fine tuning to become the quality software company we are today for a full fledged software company. Our team has to stay on our toes with a rapidly changing industry, and we have done just that. First project of Global BestSoft Technology Solutions Inc. was a $200 website. We’ve finished projects up to $250k-$300k now. Without fear, we are ready for any challenge.


Kieth Teck Seng

Kieth serves as Global BestSoft Technology Solutions Inc.’ CEO and project manager. With proven success records in programming, database management, and project management, as well as specialties in project management, PHP, CakePHP, MySQL, Oracle, SQL, and Linux, Kieth helps clients across multiple industries on a variety of software development projects as well as managing key accounts and building new partnerships.

Danny Lee

Danny is a President of Global BestSoft Technology Solutions Inc.. His primary role is developing a long-term vision for the company and the strategies to achieve it. He is responsible for communicating with the Global BestSoft team and finding consensus on the company’s long-term goals as well as day-to-day activities for inefficiencies and ways to improve the processes or profitability, work with managers to help establish goals and improve performance. Danny also spearheads new product development

Daniel Tan

Daniel is a business development professional leading sales operations in a highly competitive software development market in the area and around the world to deliver and sustain revenue and profit. He is in charge of new business and partnerships, strategic and tactical planning and market research and analysis. Daniel is focused on the outcome with strong negotiating skills, exceptional problem-solving skills and a strong customer assessment ability.

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  • We are working with cutting-edge software and tools
  • We have a dedicated team for each project
  • We know and use the latest technologies and trends
  • Our team is made up of  international professionals
  • We are experts in making your ideas come to life

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